Xbox Series X - Elite 2 Controller

The Xbox Series x has arrived with ultimate performance and impressive quality hardware, comparing to the PS5, the xbox series x console feels more quality, the black and green finish is just so attractive. 

Here we will be discovering the amazing experience using this new xbox series x with the new Elite 2 controller, which is on the other side just another amazing device from Microsoft, the Elite 2 provides nex-gen experience and extra features, it is adjustable just to match with your preferences.  

xbox series x
xbox series x
elite controller 2

Xbox Series X Unboxing & First impressions

xbox series x and elite controller 2
xbox series x and elite controller 2

Xbox Series X -Top Features you will love!

Xbox Series x console & Elite Controller 2 Unboxing & First Impressions, the quality of the console is impressive, the packing materials, the box, and all feels just you are getting what you paying for!, I have tried the xbox series x with the elite 2 controller.
the experience is simply next level, the great thing is that the elite 2 controller works with PC and the new Ipads, I really highly advice people who loves playing call of duty to get the elite 2 controller.
Things you will love in the new xbox Series X
– Quality hardware
– Super fast
– Amazing monthly subscription allows you to play tons of games without paying much, $12 monthly subscription will give you access to a large games library.

The below video shows unboxing for the new Xbox Series X and also for the Elite 2 controller, please watch and join the channel if you liked the video