What are nitrile examination gloves ?

Nitrile is a three-fold-out substance that is three times more than latex for this is a favorite for making gloves and especially examination gloves, nitril rubber is characterized as a counterto chemicals, oils and acids. Nitrile gloves can also be used for food packaging, which is anti-sweating and also provides a lower level of friction.


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The best gloves available now at competitive prices.

1. Kimberly Clark KC

Powder-free Nitrile Gloves / Malaysia Industry

Nitrile Kimberly Clark Kc500 Gloves

One of the best nitril gloves currently available in Malaysia, Kimberly Clark offers powder-free nitrile gloves with FDA, CE, and German certifications, available in 20 million boxes per month.

The price of the box is 6.76 USD FOB

2. Naz Care Nazcare

Powder-free Ntrell Gloves / Malaysia Industry

Naz Care Nazcare Nitrile Gloves

Nazcare is available in Europe, the Middle East and has CE certificates and German certificates, it can be shipped directly to Europe and the Middle East as the factory has branches in Europe.

NazCare provides powder-free ntrell gloves, with a product of up to 8 million cans per month.

The price of the box is 6.7 USD non-shipment

3. Hartalega Hartalega

Powder-free Ntrell Gloves / Malaysia Industry

Hartalega Nitrile Check Gloves

One of the most famous and best Malaysian brands, Hartalega offers all German certificates and FDA plus CE,

The product 5 million cans per month is now available.

$6.78 non-shipment

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Nitrile examination gloves

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  • Thailand
  • Viet Nam
  • Malaysia

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Nitril Paws - Shipping and Packing

100-piece box

Box containing 100 pieces (50 nitrile gloves)

Carton contains 10 cans of nitrel gloves

Carton contains 10 boxes (1000 nitrile gloves)

20-foot container

20-foot container (containing 1,770 cartons, nitrile glove)

40-foot container

40-foot container (containing 4,200 cartons, nitrile glove)

Chemical protection


Ease of wear

Latex free

Fully textured design

nitrile medical examination gloves, nitrile medical gloves

Properties of nitril gloves - Nitril examination paws

Quality standards and certifications

  • Compatible with MDD 93/42/ECC Class
  • Chemical and latex-free
  • ASTM D6319 & EN455 standards
  • FDA
  • ISO 13485: 2003, ISO90001 2008, QSR (GMP)
  • Quality and standards management system and property