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Jannat Asia Tourism Company in Malaysia is one of the best tourism companies in Malaysia, providing travel services in Malaysia and Indonesia, booking hotels, domestic flights and a private driver, providing tickets and tourist destinations.

  • Honeymoon deals and programs in Malaysia
  • Family offers and programs suitable for children
  • Private driver
  • Domestic flight
  • Tourist tickets

We offer a variety of offers to travel to Malaysia for the year 2020

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24-hour special follow-up service

Follow-up with customers throughout the journey and always ready for customer requests

Guaranteed bookings

Guarantee on booking and schedule, includes warranty and insurance on selected hotels and rooms and not to change them and in the terms of the contract and the pre-agreed schedule.

Guaranteed 5-star service

We got a 5-star rating from customers over five years of hard work to win customer satisfaction and not default.

Professional special programs

The programs of The Paradise of Asia are professionally equipped and according to the traveler, on a modern and special system for The Paradise Asia company guarantees the full pleasure and best experiences for the traveler

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Ahmed Abedin


Customers prefer to process their programs through Ahmed, for the best experience and the best hotels

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