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Honeymoon deals in Malaysia

Malaysia's signature honeymoon deals, all travel offers include hotel reservations, in-flight flights and a private driver, as well as tours, a full flight arrangement and special orders.

7-day five-star honeymoon

Genting - Langkawi Island - Kuala Lumpur

10-day honeymoon with 5 star private pool

Slangor - Langkawi - Penang - Kuala Lumpur

Luxury Offer - 14-day honeymoon with private pool

Slangor - Langkawi - Penang - Iboh - Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia Offers for Families

Family programs in Malaysia, the best family resorts, fun activities for children in Malaysia, the best tourist destinations for families in Malaysia.


  • Family travel arrangements to Malaysia
  • The best tourism programs in Malaysia especially for families
  • Children's programs and hotels on the sea
  • Family cars with a private driver in Malaysia

12-day family show

Two people and two children.

Slangor - Linkawi - Penang - Cameron - Kuala Lumpur

14-day family show

Two people and three kids.

Slangor - Langkawi - Penang - Cameron - Kuala Lumpur

Honeymoon deals in Malaysia

List of honeymoon deals in Malaysia, best honeymoon travel deals to Malaysia, private driver savings, hotels with private pool in Malaysia, Malaysia Offers 2020


  • Book hotels with private pool in Malaysia
  • Providing a special driver and domestic airline tickets
  • Special arrangements for newlyweds in Malaysia
  • The best places for newlyweds in Malaysia

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